A delightful way to keep in touch with the people who matter most.

Don’t spend your time trying to remember where you talked to someone about what. Enjoy reconnecting with your network, and let Knect do the rest.

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Two cute colorful robots surrounded by cables and switches, in a cartoonish illustration style.

What is Knect?

Meet Knect! A little buddy who watches your conversations to help keep track of who's most important... and where you talk with them.

Knect watches all your conversations: email, text, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Slack, and more!

Screenshot of the Knect app. In a tab labeled "Conversations", a summary of your last conversations with a contact, the main topics, and actions are displayed.

Let go of all of those contact spreadsheets, connecting with your people shouldn’t take this much work.

We have all been there. This time you are going to keep your spreadsheet updated, add every little detail every time you talk to someone, write down that opportunity, remember that promise you made... But then you fall behind and feel terrible about it.

Human relationships shouldn’t live on a spreadsheet. Why not let Knect take care of all the work, and enjoy connecting with your people?

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Screenshot of the Knect app. A list of contacts show as recommended by Knect, with a summary of where you know each of them from.

How does it work?

You connect your various accounts (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, SMS, etc.) to Knect. In the background, we keep an eye on who you're in contact with, categorize them, and you can correct us if we get it wrong.

Our AI keeps an eye on these relationships, and prompts you at the right times to get back in touch. And if you can't remember where you talk to them? That's OK. We'll remind you of that as well.

Will you spam my friends or invade my privacy?

No and no. Knect helps you be a better friend, colleague and family member, but it can't send any messages (that's your job!), and it will never get between you and the people most important to you.

Your data will be safe with Knect, and Knect will never share any of your information, ever, with anyone.